Steve Stirling lascia la guida tecnica del Fassa

Steve Stirling lascia la guida tecnica del Fassa

(com. stampa HC Fassa) – La Sportiva Hockey Club Fassa comunica che con rammarico Steve Stirling ha rassegnato le proprie dimissioni dalla posizione di Head Coach per motivi di carattere strettamente personali. Augurando a Steve ed alla sua famiglia il meglio per il futuro e ringraziandolo per il lavoro svolto, la Società è già all’opera nel ricercare la nuova guida tecnica per la prossima stagione Sportiva.

Di seguito pubblichiamo il saluto di Steve a tutti i tifosi del Fassa.

Dear Presidente Ognari, Players, HC Fassa Family:

This letter is to announce my resignation as coach of HC Fassa.

This decision was not made overnight, but one that my dear wife, Francesca and I, have been discussing in length since returning to North America in late March.

We apologize for the timing of this decision, but after serious soul searching, we decided that it was best for us to remain in North America where we can be close to our two sons and their daughters, our precious granddaughters. We are at a point in our life where family has to come first.

Francesca and I are blessed to have had the opportunity to spend a season with all of you in the “valley” and are much better people because of it. We will remember this experience for a lifetime!

As HC Fassa Sportiva has done in the past through their history of coaches, the program under the leadership of Presidente Roberto and the continued support of the Fassa Family, will move forward as it has always done. It has never been and never will be about the coach, but about a community that cares about one another and supports each other in all its efforts.

To Roberto, Dimitri, the Players, Luigi, Martino, and the entire Fassa family, thank you and best wishes for continued success.

Steve Stirling

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